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An injury can derail your life. Whether you were struck by a car while crossing the street or slipped on a freshly mopped floor in a restaurant, the injuries you sustained can impact you in more ways than just physical pain and suffering. Medical bills quickly accumulate, insurance companies are resistant to paying out damages—if the responsible party even has insurance to begin with, and disability insurance rarely provides enough income to maintain your standard of living until you’re able to return to work. And in the case of catastrophic injuries, you may be facing permanent disabilities that will limit your future ability to work and care for yourself and your family. That’s where a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer comes in.

The thought of pursuing a lawsuit might just seem like too big of a hurdle when you’re already weighed down by the stress of paying your bills. However, an experienced personal injury attorney can relieve your burden by taking charge of your case and pursuing the responsible party and their insurance company for just compensation on your behalf. They will not take payment until your case is won, so you can focus on healing and rehabilitation.

What accidents can a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer help me with?

Personal injury accidents are those in which your injury has been caused by the negligence or deliberate actions of another person. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you’ll have expert guidance and support throughout the entire process of seeking the compensation you deserve.


With some of the busiest freeways in the nation, it comes as no surprise that car accidents account for one of the most common types of personal injury cases in Los Angeles. Los Angeles reports tens of thousands of car accidents each year, resulting in hundreds of fatalities and thousands of life-changing injuries. A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will work not only to hold the responsible driver(s) accountable, but they will also investigate whether fault can be applied elsewhere, such as to the vehicle manufacturer for defective parts or the city of Los Angeles for poor road maintenance. If you’ve been injured in a car accident involving a ride-sharing service like Uber, you can increase your chances of being compensated by hiring a Los Angeles Uber attorney.


When you slip and fall due to wet floors, frost or ice on the sidewalk, or loose sand or gravel on walkways, the fault is not your own. Property owners have a legal responsibility to maintain their land and buildings to eliminate hazards and have a duty to warn you about any potentially dangerous conditions (for instance, by placing wet floor signs over areas that have been recently mopped). A California-based personal injury attorney can investigate to determine whether appropriate action was taken by the property owner to eliminate risk and will seek maximum compensation for your injuries.


It is illegal in the city of Los Angeles for dogs to be off-leash except in designated places, such as personal property or dog parks. It is also a dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that their dog is not a threat to humans, so even in approved off-leash settings, the owner is responsible for any injuries caused in these spaces. If you suffer from a dog bite on someone’s property or are attacked by an off-leash dog in a public place, the owner is culpable and must be held accountable for your medical bills. They are also liable for any lost wages if you are unable to work due to your injuries.


Some personal injuries are fatal. For example, hundreds of people lose their lives to car accidents every year in Los Angeles. These people are still entitled to justice, and their loved ones can pursue justice on their behalf by filing a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death claims can arise from a wide range of personal injury accidents, including collisions, construction accidents, and medical malpractice.

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An injury can make you feel many things…

Left with few options

Stuck with bills you can’t pay

Anxious to put your injury behind you

You don’t have to feel that way any longer.

What are the most common personal injuries in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers handle a wide variety of matters on behalf of their clients. Some of the most common injury types cited in personal injury claims in Los Angeles include:

Do I need a Los Angeles personal injury attorney?

When you have been injured in an accident, you may find that much of your time is occupied with doctor’s visits, physical therapy appointments, applying for disability insurance benefits, scheduling repairs for any damaged property (such as your vehicle), and more. Adding the tasks necessary to file a personal injury claim on your own to your already overflowing schedule will likely feel daunting.

If you’ve been in a car accident, obtaining the other driver’s insurance information is easy. But what if you suffered an injury in a different type of accident? Where do you start? Who do you contact first?

Your personal injury lawyer will take over the process of collecting evidence, filing the lawsuit, identifying and contacting witnesses, negotiating with the defendant’s attorney and insurance, finding experts to provide testimony on your behalf, and so much more. While you focus on rehabilitating from your accident, your lawyer will direct their full attention to your case to ensure you collect the highest compensation possible. Your personal injury attorney will prove to be an indispensable ally as you move forward.

What does the personal injury case process look like in Los Angeles?

While all personal injury cases are unique, they all follow a similar legal procedure. If the responsible party and their insurance decline to settle out of court based on the evidence collected by your lawyer, your personal injury attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf. In preparation for trial, both sides will participate in discovery—in which evidence from both sides is shared. The trial may be heard in front of a judge or a jury. If you win your case, the defendant will be ordered to pay the amount you were awarded to your attorney’s office, which will then be passed to you after fees are deducted.

Find a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer near you

Are you (or a loved one) the victim of a personal injury accident? You deserve justice. You deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, damaged property, and medical bills. You deserve to have a legal expert on your side.

Many personal injury law firms attempt to settle out of court, avoiding trial, but court cases are where we thrive! While settling out of court may seem preferable at first, it’s important to emphasize that you may not receive as much compensation from a settlement as you would from a trial due to back-and-forth negotiations in which the defendant will aim to pay as little as possible. Instead of avoiding court, a motivated Los Angeles personal injury attorney will already be preparing for trial long before a trial begins, keeping your best interests in mind.

We provide free consultations and do not collect any fees until we have won your case. Do not hesitate to contact us today to tell us about your incident.

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When you are injured due to another person’s actions, you likely feel frustrated at the very least, and the process of filing a lawsuit may seem like just another task on an endless to-do list in order to get your life back on track. The following FAQ aim to answer some of the questions you may already be asking yourself.


Yes. A good lawyer will help to maximize your compensation and save you a lot of time, work, and mental stress. They will streamline the process, removing the majority of the burden from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your own wellbeing. Additionally, they will use every tactic available in order to win your case, such as bringing in accident reconstruction experts, for instance.


When making the decision to hire a lawyer, you want someone with experience and a proven track record of winning cases and large settlements. You will also want to set expectations for how your case will be handled. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  • Who will be handling my case?
  • How much is my personal injury case worth?
  • Do you have experience with personal injury cases like mine?
  • How many cases have you won that went to trial?
  • How often will you communicate with me about my case?
  • How long should I expect this process to take, from start to finish?


First and foremost, you need to call 911 if you are injured, even slightly. Some injuries that may seem minor at first can worsen in the days and weeks to come, and getting medical documentation as soon as possible will help establish a link between the accident and your injuries as well as prevent you from suffering from potentially debilitating medical problems. For example, brain injuries do not always show symptoms right away and can have devastating consequences if left untreated. If you are not evaluated by first responders, you need to see a doctor as soon as you can.

Second, get the insurance and contact information of any other drivers involved in the incident. If available, obtain contact information of any witnesses as well. If the witnesses do not stay at the scene of the accident, a personal injury attorney can track them down later to obtain their statements.

Second, you should gather as much evidence as you can at the scene. Use your cell phone to take photographs of everything, from the vehicles involved to skidmarks to the weather conditions—anything that will give clues as to how the accident occurred. Be sure to take photographs of any visible injuries. Take a photograph of the other driver’s license plate in case they try to leave the scene.

Third, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney straight away. Do this even before you contact your insurance company—insurance companies try to minimize what they pay out, and a lawyer can manage dealings with your insurance company to prevent them from coming up with reasons not to compensate you appropriately.

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