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Not all law firms are created equal. Not all attorneys have a diverse and extensive background serving elite clients with legitimate trial experience to back them. And not all firms in Los Angeles employ both personal injury attorneys and criminal defense lawyers. Enter Gammill Law.

About Gammill Law

David Gammill’s background in high-profile, high-award trial cases and his previous experience with renowned legal firms position Gammill Law as the premier team that will tenaciously represent their clients’ interests.

Gammill Law has a proven track record in guiding clients to achieve positive legal outcomes, whether it’s providing support during criminal defense proceedings or helping clients navigate personal injury cases. Gammill Law is a trial law firm first and foremost, uniquely employing both the best criminal defense and personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles.


Practice Areas That Serve All Client Interests

Our legal practice covers an extensive depth and breadth of legal practice areas, including but not limited to financial crime, domestic violence, drug or DUI charges, kidnapping, juvenile court proceedings, and more.

Our firm works with clients in California, Utah supporting clients through the challenging processes of personal injury and civil justice issues.

Gammill Law has some of the most experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. We provide exceptional service to our clients throughout each case and have unrivaled experience in achieving favorable results.

Our extensive experience with the justice system is one of the reasons our clients come to us. We will make an intimidating system more approachable and work alongside you through every aspect of your trial to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

We are committed to the presumption of innocence and to your individual defense proceedings.

Gammill Law brings a sharp, discerning and relentless level of detail in the pursuit of civil rights. When you partner with us, you’ll discover an experienced and passionate defense attorney who will do everything to help you navigate complicated systems of civil law with ease. Gammill Law is here to ensure that a favorable outcome for your case is secured.

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Contact Gammill Law today to schedule a phone consultation. We’ll advise you on your legal options, and help you build a strong case.

Whether you need a tenacious personal injury attorney in Los Angeles or an experienced and passionate defense attorney who will do everything to help you fight the charges you’re facing, Gammill Law is here to ensure that a favorable outcome for your case is secured.

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