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If you or someone in your family have suffered a TBI injury in Los Angeles, a brain injury attorney may be able to recover damages and provide closure. Traumatic brain injuries often lead to a drastically diminished quality of life, so it is important that you are compensated if the injury was the result of negligence or intentional harm. We will fight tirelessly to ensure that you can close this chapter and move on with your life confidently with a sense of justice and the money needed to move forward.

Get the Restitution You Are Owed

It is no secret that an injury can be financially disastrous. Our team will help you recover damages associated with medical bills, medical equipment, and rehabilitation treatments. Your Los Angeles brain injury lawyer will also work to recover wages missed, as well as compensation for a loss of future earnings if you are unable to get back to work.

Traumatic brain injuries take a toll on the mental and emotional health of both the victim and their family. For that reason, you may also be entitled to damages associated with pain and suffering and a diminished quality of life. An attorney in Los Angeles can guide you through this process. As you adjust to your brain injury, it is important that you are financially equipped to elevate your quality of life and face new challenges that may arise in the future.

Common Symptoms Associated with TBIs

Even if you are not experiencing dramatic symptoms, you should still call a Los Angeles brain injury lawyer after any sort of head injury. The brain does not heal like other parts of the body. Brain injuries are frequently permanent, and sometimes the effects take days, months, or even years to manifest. Here are some of the most common symptoms and side effects associated with TBIs:

  • Dizziness, headaches, and migraines
  • Struggling with memory
  • Uncharacteristic mood and/or emotional shifts
  • Confusion
  • Sensory challenges, such as difficulty communicating
  • Unexplainable feelings of rage and frustration
  • Cognitive impairment, such as struggling to pay attention or complete repetitive tasks

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During this difficult time, it is critical that you have a qualified brain injury attorney in Los Angeles n your side. Rest assured that the legal team at Gammill Law has the first-hand experience necessary to fight on your behalf and win your personal injury case. We are ready to expedite the legal process so you can regain a sense of normality and peace of mind as quickly as possible. Contact us now so we can start evaluating your case.

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D. Laird

The settlement was very high in the 6 figures. I highly recommend Mr. Gammill. Thanks, Dave!!

Erain A.

Mr. Gammill was truly God-sent. My family will always be thankful to him. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Eric S.

Gammill Law was highly recommended. They delivered and surpassed my expectations.

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