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An auto collision lawyer will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Automotive collisions happen every day, and even minor fender benders can have lasting repercussions. In addition to physical injury, an accident takes a severe toll on your emotional and mental health. A collision can also be detrimental to the lives of your family and other loved ones. We work hard to help you recover damages and regain a sense of justice and peace of mind.

Damages You May Be Entitled to Receive

Every accident is unique and must be approached on a case-by-case basis. If you are not at fault, your auto collision lawyer should be able to get you compensation associated with medical bills, as well as income you might have missed (or will miss in the future) due to being unable to work. You may also be entitled to compensation for quality of life changes and emotional struggles.

Seek Medical Attention Regardless of the Severity of Your Injuries

Following an automobile accident, signs of internal injury may not be immediately evident. Even if you do not feel pain, it is imperative that you seek medical assistance. Not only is your health potentially at stake, but medical examination paperwork can go a long way in helping your auto collision lawyer to establish a solid case on your behalf.

Do Not Wait to Seek Legal Guidance

California law requires that you file a personal injury case within two years of the accident. As time passes, it becomes increasingly difficult to prove your case. At the same time, the symptoms of your injuries may take time to manifest. Just because time has passed does not mean you do not have a viable case. If there is even the slightest chance that you might have an injury, get in touch immediately so we can expedite the legal process.

Legal Representation You Can Depend On

Gammill Law offers a trifecta of legal services: personal injury, civil rights (civil litigation), and criminal defense. We can provide you with an auto collision lawyer who has the experience needed to ensure that you receive justice. We encourage you to contact us now so we can get to work on your case immediately. Get the compensation you are owed with world-class legal representation.

What Our Clients Say

D. Laird

The settlement was very high in the 6 figures. I highly recommend Mr. Gammill. Thanks, Dave!!

Erain A.

Mr. Gammill was truly God-sent. My family will always be thankful to him. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Eric S.

Gammill Law was highly recommended. They delivered and surpassed my expectations.

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