Torrance’s Turtle Initiative Improves Safety by Preventing Accidents and Injuries on South Bay Streets

Torrance Safety Sign

Torrance’s Turtle Initiative Improves Safety by Preventing Accidents and Injuries on South Bay Streets.

November 30, 2023 | Attorney, David Gammill

The turtle is becoming a symbol of safety in the South Bay region. You can see it on Torrance’s busy streets and the scenic routes that connect our diverse communities. Torrance believes in prioritizing safety over speed and is taking steps to support this mission. At Gammill Law, Torrance’s dedicated accident lawyers, we’re committed to upholding this mission and championing the rights of those affected by traffic incidents.

According to South Bay Cities Council of Governments research, 64% of all trips originating in the South Bay also ended in the South Bay. The average length of a trip was seven minutes. Just 9% of travel that originated in the South Bay ended outside of its 25-mile radius.

The Turtle Campaign: A Sign of Safer Times

The South Bay Cities Council of Governments introduced a new mascot, the turtle, for their road safety campaign. This initiative is part of the upcoming Local Travel Network. It aims to make low-speed vehicles more visible in 25 mph zones. Low-speed vehicles include e-bikes, golf carts, and e-scooters.

Torrance Safety Sign


Some tips for Drivers and Walkers alike

For Drivers: Sharing the Road with the “Slow Lane”

  1. Embrace the Pace: Be aware of slower vehicles and adjust your speed. It’s essential to be patient to avoid accidents.
  2. Signs of the Times: Heed the new turtle signs, a reminder to share the road with smaller, slower means of transportation.
  3. A Nod to the Newcomers: With an increasing number of e-vehicles on the road, it’s vital to be more observant than ever.

For Pedestrians and E-travelers: Navigating with Care

  1. Be Seen, Be Safe: Use the safety features of low-speed vehicles and maintain visibility at all times.
  2. Follow the Flow: Adhere to the traffic regulations designated for e-vehicles and scooters, ensuring harmony on the road.
  3. The Right of Way: Remember that all road users have equal rights to safety, a principle that Gammill Law passionately upholds.

Introducing the turtle sign is more than a campaign; it’s a cultural shift towards a safer, more considerate mode of travel in Torrance. Gammill Law Personal Injury Attorneys support a community-wide effort. It aims to slow down, appreciate the sights, and keep each other safe. In this race, we’re not competing against time but working together towards a common goal: safety for all.

As Torrance paves the way for safer roads with the Turtle Initiative, Gammill Law is here to support your journey. If a traffic incident has impacted you or a loved one in the South Bay, our experienced personal injury lawyers are committed to securing the justice and compensation you deserve! Contact us today.