If you are facing kidnapping charges, you’ll need the top kidnapping lawyer on your team to fight for your innocence as soon as possible.

While in most cases those charged with kidnapping charges involve children, this serious crime can include the unlawful detention of any person. For the charges against you to be successful, the prosecutor will have to prove, according to California law, that you used force or fear to detain someone without their consent and forced them to move a substantial distance. Depending on the case, you may face more specific charges for aggravated kidnapping or kidnapping for child molestation, someone unable to consent, for ransom, for sex offenses, or for kidnapping while carjacking.

Having a skilled kidnapping lawyer who will dedicate countless hours to your case is essential. Without the proper defense, you may face up to 11 years in state prison and a strike on your criminal record as part of California’s Three Strikes Law. That it is so essential to have an advocate standing by you from the beginning. With long-standing experience in personal injury, civil litigation, and criminal defense, Gammill Law has all the knowledge needed to show the court your bulletproof case against the charges.

If you have been accused of the unlawful detention of a person, Gammill Law can start working on your case today. No matter what the details of the case are, there is no other law firm that is better suited to represent you at trial. A good offense allows for a great defense, and as former prosecutors for high-level clients, we can set you up with the best defense in the business. Contact us today to have your voice heard and your innocence saved. We will never give up your fight for freedom.

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