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California Property Crimes

In California There are many different property related offenses.  Gammill Law has the experience to not only weaken the case against you, but the relationships with judges and prosecutors to get the case resolved.

  • TRESPASSING: Penal Code 602 PC
    You can be charged with a crime for intentionally going onto another person’s property, whether it is land or a building, without their permission. To prove you are guilty of Penal Code 602 PC the government must prove;

    • you willfully entered someone else’s property,
    • you had the specific intent to interfere with that person’s property rights, and
    • you actually did interfere with that person’s property rights (by damaging their property, interfering with their business, etc.)


    You can be charged with what is known as Vandalism for intentionally vandalizing, defacing, damaging, or destroying property. This includes graffiti. To prove you are guilty of Penal Code 594 the government must prove;

    • that you maliciously “defaced with graffiti or other inscribed material,” damaged, or destroyed property,
    • that you did not own the property or owned it with someone else, and
    • that the amount of the defacement, damage, or destruction was either
      • a. less than $400 in a misdemeanor prosecution, or
      • b. $400 or more in a felony prosecution


    If there is evidence you entered or remained in someone’s home or business with the intent to commit a felony inside, you will be charged with burglary. To prove you are guilty of Penal Code 459 the government must prove;

    • The defendant enters a building, room within a building, locked vehicle or structure;
    • At the time of entering that building, room, vehicle or structure, s/he intended to commit either a California felony or a California theft; and
    • One or more of the following three things are true:
      • The value of the property that the defendant stole or intended to steal was more than nine hundred fifty dollars ($950);
      • The structure that the defendant entered was not a commercial establishment; OR
      • The structure that the defendant entered was a commercial establishment, but the defendant entered it outside of business hours


    Arson is the reckless or willful and malicious burning of any building, property, or forest. You can be charged with arson if your actions cause property damage, or if they cause bodily injury or death. To prove you are guilty of Penal Code 451 the government must prove;

    • the defendant set fire to or burned, or caused the burning of, a structure, forest land, or property, and
    • he acted willfully and maliciously

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D. Laird

The settlement was very high in the 6 figures. I highly recommend Mr. Gammill. Thanks, Dave!!

Erain A.

Mr. Gammill was truly God-sent. My family will always be thankful to him. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Eric S.

Gammill Law was highly recommended. They delivered and surpassed my expectations.

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