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The USC dean of medicine scandal is one that is all too familiar to Gammill Law. David Gammill has been a party to this case since day one, taking aggressive and necessary action to make sure that the dean was brought to justice. Along with being part of the legal team that filed a suit against Dean Puliafito, he continues to fight for justice today.

At Gammill Law, there is no cover-up too complex and no entity too powerful to prevent us from seeking justice for our clients. In light of the University of Southern California’s subsequent scandal involving Dr. George Tyndall, Gammill is fully prepared to help victims get the compensation they deserve. Our attorneys filed a lawsuit against Tyndall in 2018 and are doing everything within our power to help his sexual assault victims stand up, have a voice, and be counted in the equation for true justice.

The settlement Tyndall and USC originally made is insufficient. The settlements the university entered into regarding the USC Dean of Medicine Scandal and George Tyndall’s actions only benefit the school and fail to compensate the victims. The original settlement was not concerned with victims, but with the USC reputation, and we find this abhorrent message as nothing more than a co- out.

In cases like this, our priority is to safeguard victims’ rights while supporting them throughout the entire legal process. We have taken action against countless sexual predators and have worked tirelessly to hold them accountable for the physical and psychological harm they caused. Now, we want to bring that same comfort and fight to your case. With Gammill Law, you can trust us to be your advocate and your champion.

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