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If a court issues a restraining order (also known as an order of protection) against you, you may be required to avoid contact with the individual who requested the protection or remain a specified distance away from a business or other property.

But a restraining order is more than just a document limiting your access to people and locations. It can have devastating and wide-reaching repercussions for your life. That’s why it’s important to contact a qualified restraining order lawyer immediately if a protective order has been filed against you.

As Los Angeles’s leading criminal defense law firm, Gammill Law is here to fight your restraining order and help you restore your good name.

Why a Restraining Order Is a Serious Matter

Restraining orders are most commonly issued in cases of domestic violence, harassment, assault, and stalking. Even if you haven’t been convicted of a crime and no evidence has been presented against you, a court may issue a temporary restraining order against you.

During the permanent restraining order hearing, the judge requires only a preponderance of evidence to make the order permanent. This means that the judge can issue a permanent restraining order with only 51% certainty of your guilt.

A permanent restraining order will affect your life in a number of ways:

  • It bars you from purchasing firearms
  • It appears on background checks
  • It can limit your access to your children and other loved ones
  • You may be charged with a crime if you’re determined to have violated the order in any way

But you also have specific rights in these matters:

  • You are entitled to be notified of the petition
  • You have the right to a court hearing
  • You have the right to defend your case with an attorney

Are You the Subject of a Restraining Order in Los Angeles?

If you need a qualified restraining order lawyer, Gammill Law is here to assist. As L.A.’s leading criminal defense attorneys, we fight aggressively for our clients, and we’ll use our extensive resources and expertise to help restore your good name.

We serve both Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, and our track record is second to none. Contact Gammill Law today to schedule your consultation.

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