Drug Crimes

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Drug crimes comprise a significant percentage of all criminal prosecutions and prison sentences. If you’re facing drug charges, you should talk to an experienced drug crime attorney who can build your legal defense and defend you in court.

Can You Help in My Situation?

Gammill Law can provide you with legal representation against the following drug offense charges:

  • Possession for personal use: If you’re caught with a small amount of drugs that are intended for your personal use, you’re facing a potential infraction or misdemeanor charge.
  • Possession with the intent to sell: If you’re caught with a larger amount of drugs or with highly criminalized narcotics, this is a more serious offense and can lead to a felony charge. As any drug crime attorney will tell you, laws prohibiting the selling of drugs are significantly more severe than those against personal use.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia: If you’re caught with paraphernalia related to the use of drugs, this is typically a criminal misdemeanor.
  • Prescription drug offenses: Most prescription drugs are highly susceptible to abuse, and reselling or mishandling your own or somebody else’s prescription drugs is a serious crime. This is true even if the drugs were originally obtained lawfully. If the drugs were illegally manufactured or obtained, that is a more serious offense. Even though prescription drug offenses may appear to be less severe than crimes involving illegal narcotics, if you have been charged with prescription drug offenses, you should speak to an experienced drug crime attorney right away.
  • Drug trafficking, counterfeiting, or transport: This class of crimes is much more severe and usually involve major felony charges. If the drugs cross state lines, that is a federal crime.

What About Marijuana?

Marijuana is now legal in California both for recreational and medicinal use. However, it is still classified as a Schedule I drug on the federal level and any production, distribution, or consumption of marijuana that runs afoul of the law is still a very serious offense. State authorities have greatly reduced their prosecution of nonviolent marijuana crimes, but they do still happen, and you remain at risk if you or your business are not in compliance with the law.

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